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The IW200 is characterized by its miniaturization. It can be used as a main box or a surround or sky channel. The positioning is flexible and changeable and can effectively meet the needs of various users. The unit is still embedded on the 6mm-thick aluminum alloy anti-vibration front baffle. While miniaturizing, there is no compromise on sound accuracy, providing an effective sound field scale.

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IW300 Specification

Matrix Midrange mid-bass:YES

Maximum sound pressure level (1m) 113dB

Front horn speaker Treble: 1 KK low-vibration 1-inch tweeter Bass: 2 4-inch high-sensitivity units

Frequency response 70Hz-25KHz (±2dB)

Sensitivity 88dB

impedance 25-180W

Recommended amplifier power 25-180W

DimensionsHxWxD 348x160x71mm

Hole size HxW 316x136

net weight 3.41kg

Shipping weight 8.3kg/2pcs

warranty period 3 years (based on original purchase date)


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