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Ken Kreisel's signature sound, warm and firm, with a soundstage beyond its size, the A300 is capable of everything from the main cabinet to the surround channels.

The A300 series is the backbone of Ken Kreisel's performance-first philosophy. The so-called performance first is to put all the costs that must be spent on performance, and the appearance is naturally determined by the needs of acoustics. It is precisely because of the design principles of the A300 that the A300 is also one of the most cost-effective products in the KK product line. If you only care about good sound reproduction and not much about appearance, the A300 can be a very good choice.

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Matrix Tweeters: YES

Matrix Midrange Conduit tweeter: YES

Matrix Midrange Mid-bass: YES

Maximum SPL:
118 dB @ 1m

Front speaker structure 3 tweeters, 1 conduit unit, 3*4 inch high sensitivity unit

Frequency Response
65 Hz - 30 kHz(±2dB)


4 ohms

Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 - 300W

Outer Dimension
H x W x D
502 x 325 x 301mm

H x W x D
406.2 x 236.6 x 200mm

Shipping Weight: 10.5 KG

Warranty: 3 Years (based on original purchase date)

Net Weight: 8.93 KG


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