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The KS500 is miniaturized and space-friendly surround, yet the sound is amazingly explosive.

The KS500 is a surrounder of the K500. KEN KREISOLE IS THE INVENTOR OF THE THREE-WAY SURROUND. Three-way surround appeared to solve the defect that the number of channels in a small room is not enough to form a surface sound source. As a small three-way surround in the new generation of KKs, the KS500 is also ready for immersive audio such as Atmos, DTS:X, etc. Perfectly compatible with all audio formats. A 4-inch mid-bass with patented ducted tweeters and 3-inch full-range drivers on both sides to create a full-range sound wall.

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Matrix Midrange Conduit tweeter: YES

3D three-way sound:Yes 

Maximum SPL:
108 dB @ 1m

Frequency Response 65 Hz - 30 kHz(±2dB)

Front speaker structure 1 conduit unit 1*4 inch high sensitivity unit


Side speaker structure 2 3-inch full-range units

4 ohms

Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 - 180W

H x W x D
255 x 192.4 x 160mm

Net Weight: 4.37 KG

Outer Dimension
H x W x D
341 x 495 x 277mm

Shipping Weight:
10.5 KG (pair)

Warranty: 3 Years (based on original purchase date)


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