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The 5.2 channel Denon AXR-X550BT AV receiver delivers quality home theater at an accessible price. Watch your favorite movies and shows with exceptional picture clarity thanks to Full 4k Ultra HD, Dolby Vision and HDCP 2.2 (supported on three of the five HDMI inputs). Stream music with built-in Bluetooth or play back MP3, WMA, FLAC and MPEG-4/AAC tracks via the front panel USB port. A guided Setup Assistant and measuring microphone make getting started as simple as possible. And with a more than 100-year history steeped in audio technology, the Denon AVR-X550BT is guaranteed to provide audio fidelity and picture clarity to vastly improve every aspect of your home theater.



DTS HD Master / DTS:X

  • YES

DTS Neo:X / DTS Neural:X

  • NO/NO

Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Atmos

  • YES/NO

Dolby ProLogic Il / Dolby Surround

  • YES/NO

Multichannel Stereo

  • YES

Max Number of Processing (Preamp) Channels

  • 5.1



Available Colour

  • Black

Number of Poweramps

  • 5

Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive)

  • 70 W

Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.7% 2ch Drive)

  • 90 W

Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 1% 1ch Drive)

  • 130 W

Power Consumption in Watt

  • 300W

Power Consumption No-Sound (ECO On / Off) in Watt

  • 26W/35W

Standby Consumption in W

  • 0.1W

CEC Standby Consumption in W

  • 0.5W

Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

  • 434 × 319 × 151

Weight in KG

  • 7.5 KG

Denon AVR-X550BT

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