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Active subwoofer suitable for hi-fi stereo systems and home cinema systems. The clean and refined design of the cabinet makes it easy to fit into any type of furniture. It is characterized by the double reflex duct, placed in the rear part of the box; the loudspeaker is placed under the box, to use the floor as reinforcement. The amplifier is equipped with a very complete control section, which allows a perfect interface with the other components of the audio system and with the characteristics of the listening environment. Basso 840 is finished in matt black vinyl.


275 mm speaker diameter
twin reflex port
AB-Class amplifier
75 watt nominal power
125 watt max power
30 ÷ 180 hertz frequency response
40 ÷ 180 hertz crossover frequency
220 ÷ 240 volt power supply
125 watt max power consumption
<0.5 watt stand-by consumption
300 x 320 x 385 (h) mm - 10.2 kg

Indiana Line Basso 840

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