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Important bookshelf speaker characterized by fast and very precise transient response, with a good body at low frequencies. The six-inch woofer cone is made of “Curv”: a rigid, light and damped material. The tweeter is mounted on the speaker by means of a soft rubber decoupling shell, which makes the component virtually “floating”: in this way a significant reduction in the vibrations transmitted from the cabinet to the tweeter itself is obtained. The correct excursion of the dome is controlled by a radial resonance chamber. Diva 262 is finished with an elegant black high-gloss lacquer.



2-way, bass-reflex

30 ÷ 120 watt suggested amplifier

4 ÷ 8 ohm amplifier loading impedance

44 ÷ 22000 hertz response

91 dB (2.83 V / 1 m) sensitivity

173 mm woofer

26 mm dome tweeter

1900 hertz crossover

200 x 400 x 310 mm

8.7 kg weight

bi-wiring / bi-amping terminals

Indiana Line DIVA 262

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