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Floor loudspeaker characterized by the cellulose pulp membrane of the six-inch woofer and the mid-woofer with mica-reinforced polypropylene cone and central phase plug; the system is completed by the one-inch dome tweeter in very light treated silk, neodymium magnet and rear radial ventilated resonance chamber. The dynamic capacity and the quantity of low frequencies are remarkable. Available in light walnut or black oak vinyl finish.



3-way, bass-reflex
30 ÷ 150 watt suggested amplifier
4 ÷ 8 ohm amplifier loading impedance
35 ÷ 22000 hertz response
92 dB (2.83 V / 1 m) sensitivity
160mm woofer
160 mm mid-woofer
26 mm dome tweeter
180/2800 hertz crossover
180 x 890 x 300 mm - 13.7 kg
bi-wiring / bi-amping terminals

Indiana Line TESI 561

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