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About Ken Kreisel 

The World’s Top Studios Use Speakers & Subwoofers Designed by Ken Kreisel

The world’s top studios, producers, engineers, directors, composers, and sound designers use and rely on speakers and subwoofers designed by Ken Kreisel to create the music and sound for some of the world’s biggest blockbuster movies. Does your home entertainment system deserve anything less?

Ken Kreisel
Ken Kreisel
Ken Kreisel

Our Story

Ken Kreisel (Founder of Miller & Kreisel Sound, inventor of the self-powered subwoofer and
satellite-subwoofer system) has a dedicated and loyal worldwide following of the top studios and film, music, & video game recording engineers, avid audiophiles, music lovers, home theater film buffs, magazine reviewers and editors.

Ken Kreisel has always been an innovator, willing to be different and daring, to take new paths, to see a new way of doing something, to offer more and better audio performance at real world prices, to embrace new technologies when they really work, and to avoid "me too" "emperor's clothes" and "smoke & mirror" audio gimmicks.

It is not by luck that the top award winning recording engineers and studios use speakers and subwoofers designed by Ken Kreisel for their most critical sonic decisions. An audiophile recording engineer himself since the age of 12, Ken Kreisel has spent a lifetime recording everything from his teenage sister's singing voice, to some of the world's largest church pipe organs, Flamenco Dancers, spectacular drum solos, to some of the world's most famous jazz artists, to The Philharmonia Hungarica Orchestra recorded in Germany, and to the London Symphony Orchestra and The English Chamber Orchestra recorded in Abbey Road Studios in London. Ken Kreisel subwoofers and speakers are designed to effortlessly and accurately reproduce whatever sound that was captured by a studio microphone with all the detail and explosive impact of the original sound.

How does KEN KREISEL do it, as is frequently asked? First, you need to know what you are doing, have well trained and experienced audiophile and professional recording engineer's ears, and have the proper test equipment to prove it.

Why do Ken Kreisel's subwoofers sound so good and why do so many of the top film and music recording engineers use them for their most critical professional sound decision? Like so many things in life, there are two important and often diametrically opposed words, quality and quantity. A professional recording engineer is more interested in quality than quantity. He needs a transparent and neutral window into whatever sound is being recorded, created, or mixed. Speakers and subwoofers designed by Ken Kreisel have always successfully filled this need. While most consumer subwoofers are more concerned with quantity, sound quality and accuracy have always been the primary criteria for any speaker or subwoofer designed by Ken Kreisel.

Ken Kreisel Subwoofer
Ken Kreisel
Ken Kreisel
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